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Mentorship that changes lives and careers

Nossa missão é te ajudar a planejar uma carreira de impacto através da educação,

and a promising future.

Desirable profile

Age Range

Young people from 14 to 25 years old with or without previous professional experiences.


From high school students to recently graduated. We are committed to supporting you, from choosing your career to professional positioning.


We won’t charge anything from you. We only demand dedication and commitment to make your future happen.



Through the CONECTA Program
An online professional-mentorship process

Mentor Connecting

We will analyse your profile according to your submitted description and connecting you to an amazing mentor.

Journey Analysis

We will analyse the best paths and possibilities your journey could take. Your mentor will be your guide.

Career Planning

Last, we will create a strategic plan together to make you ready to tackle any challenge.

The 9 Steps of Mentoring

Test & Evaluation

We'll analyse your capabilities and passions, enabling you to take the most efficient career choices.

Career Assessment

We'll use our methodology to widen your horizon of professional possibilities.

Profissões e carreira

You'll receive perspective about the marketplace and the many ways you can differentiate yourself in it.

Career Planning

We'll begin to plan your career, life, as well as personal and professionals objectives.

CV & LinkedIn

Your mentor will use all his experience to build your CV and LinkedIn for effective job seeking.

Selection Process

You'll be trained to have a spotlight in your selective process, group dynamics and interviews.


Good connections are a must, so your mentor will help build a powerful professional network.

Opportunity Search

Your mentor will help you seek promising opportunities and set you apart from your competitors.

Finanças Pessoais

Your mentor will help you plan a solid, stable future will some great financial tips.

How Much Does it Cost?

Absolutely nothing! The Joule Institute is a non-profit organisation, having as its only charge your dedication and commitment throughout the whole mentoring process.


We call mentorship a process made of a mentor (an experienced professional) and a mentee (student or young professional), in which the mentor will help the mentee develop his skills and plan his future for effective personal and professional goal.

Yes. All interested youngsters should fill a selection form on our website. The candidate will give us important info such as engagement level, tell us a bit about their stories and why they would like to be selected.

O Instituto Joule irá analisar todos os inscritos, de acordo com os requisitos expressos nesse site e informar quais candidatos foram aprovados para receber o nosso apoio dentro até 1 mês após a inscrição.

Just fill out the form mentioned in this page. 

The average mentoring session takes 30 minutes, but could peak at 2 hours, depending on your and your mentor's availability. 

After signing up, the Joule team will analyse your info to see if you fit. Info approved (informed you via email), the Institute will seek a mentor that will contact you in up to seven working days.

Although it's not our goal, all it takes is impressing your mentor to have him referring you to a position.

Sim. Nossos programas contam com um certificado assinado que conste horas e programas realizados com o mentor ou mentora. 

O tempo do processo inteiro pode durar até 4 meses. Vai depender da disponibilidade do Mentor e do Mentorado em realizarem os encontros e sessões, e do tipo de programa ou projeto. 

No. The Joule Institute has a wide network of mentors and we'll decide which one is more appropriate for you, assigning a professional that will make a difference in your career. 


The Joule Institute is a network of almost 1.5 thousand experienced professionals from hundreds of companies the world over, helping the young (either students or junior professionals) transform their lives through education and helping them plan a solid career.