Change the life of a youngster in need

Help young people reach their personal and professional goals

ONLY 4,3%

of brazilians do volunteer work according to IBGE.

You can make the whole difference!


Just sign up and we'll schedule your training according to our methodology so you can start helping mentees online.
All mentoring sessions are held online, according to your and your mentee's availability.

The 9 Steps of Mentoring

Test & Assessment

You'll analyse your mentee's capabilities and passions, enabling him/her to take the most efficient career choices.

Career Assessment

Armed with professional tools, you'll widen your mentee's professional horizon.

Professions & Careers

You'll show your mentee new perspectives about the marketplace and how can differentiate him/herself in it.

Career Planning

You'll help your mentee plan his career, as well as his professional and life goals.

CV & LinkedIn

You'll use your experience to build your mentee's CV and LinkedIn for effective job seeking.

Selection Process

You'll help the mentee get ready for selective processes, group dynamics and interviews.


Good connections are a must, so you'll help the mentee build a powerful professional network.

Opportunity Search

You'll help your mentee seek promising opportunities and set him/her apart from competitors.

Personal Finance

You'll help your mentee plan a solid, stable future with some great financial tips.


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The Joule Institute is a network of almost 1.5 thousand experienced professionals from hundreds of companies the world over, helping the young (either students or junior professionals) transform their lives through education and helping them plan a solid career.

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