Over 4.000 young Brazilians have been mentored by us!

Help young professional find his/her place on earth by becoming an impacting partner

Why should I help?

Getting ideas off the paper

Your contribution to the Joule Institute can make impact people beyond the online. Also we aim at interacting with public school’s students in Sao Paulo.
We promote workshops focusing on leadership development and youth protagonism.

Boost a career

Help a mentee with great potential, but no financial resources, to start a life-changing course (languages, professional, etc.) as well as funding workshops, speeches and other events that help youngsters in need.

Amplify our operations

Help us keep a dedicated team that want to create the best experience possible in both mentor and mentees’ lives. Also, your donation will support the Instituto Joule with monthly expenses, website continuous improvement, automatized tools, events ideas and other initiatives.

How to Support


Your brand logo will be displayed in our programs.

Tax Incentive

Donations can generate tax Incentives for companies.


We can exchange products and service with your company.


Your contribution will directly impact a person in need.

Instituto Joule
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The Joule Institute is a network of almost 1.5 thousand experienced professionals from hundreds of companies the world over, helping the young (either students or junior professionals) transform their lives through education and helping them plan a solid career.

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